Angels and Doves Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in the United States that works closely with many disadvantaged, poor and rural communities in West Africa on social and public health issues.

Through our four main projects, we want to give those communities the chance to stay healthy, go to work, and start working themselves out of poverty.


H2O Project

The H2O Project consists of bringing clean and potable water to each community and each village in the West Africa. Angels & Doves argues that by building wells and safe access to clean and potable water, and giving the responsibility to women for its maintenance and functionality, it will not only empower women, but it will also guarantee the long-term durability of the water source.  In the H2O Project, all members of the community are involved. Men are responsible for the construction of wells and women are responsible for its maintenance and its functionality. Once the construction of the well is done, the women in the community will get together to elect 5-10 members (all women) to form a water committee. Those committee members are responsible for the maintenance and the functionality of the well or the water source.

water gathering


Women’s Empowerment Project

The Angels & Doves Foundation works to empower women from poor and rural communities in West Africa by providing literacy and job training. We work with many local organizations throughout the region to rehabilitate, assist, and train women who have been abused or raped. Through practical skills training, workshops, seminars, and other training events, we offer these women the skills and opportunities to rebuild their lives as well as a chance to start lifting themselves out of poverty.  Violence has a significant impact on the health and life expectancy of women. The World Bank estimates that rape and domestic abuse account for 5 percent of potentially healthy years of life lost to women of reproductive age in developing countries . Unfortunately, the threat of social stigma prevents those women from speaking out about violence. In West Africa, women are still considered second-class citizens, and can be very vulnerable to a variety of abuses, both personal and systemic.

Help the Helper Project

The Angels & Doves Foundation assists under-funded and under-equipped healthcare facilities such as clinics and hospitals in West Africa through substantial donations of vital medical supplies. The Foundation is able to coordinate and deliver these critical donations through corporate partnerships and local NGO’s. There are many healthcare facilities in the region that do not receive much funding and suffer from inadequate medical supplies and equipment. The Angels & Doves Foundation is committed to supporting the dynamic and dedicated nurses, doctors and healthcare specialists who work every day under difficult circumstances to provide health services to those in need.

2012-10-12 06.22.35

The Student-Connect project

The Project consists of negotiating long-term partnerships with leaders from underequipped schools in West Africa to develop a multimedia center/computer lab at their school facility. This will facilitate student’s access to computers and familiarize them with computers and the use of the Internet. The multimedia center offers Internet and research access; word processing, graphic design, computer tutorials and technical support to all students during the whole school year.



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